Roboflow Oak-D lite depth

PREDICTIONS  [{'x': 295.5, 'y': 204.0, 'width': 59, 'height': 78, 'depth': 0, 'confidence': 0.32666015625, 'class': 'cup'}, {'x': 614.5, 'y': 611.5, 'width': 51, 'height': 55, 'depth': 4260, 'confidence': 0.06915283203125, 'class': 'cup'}]

Depth value read from roboflowoak api is always 4260 or 0 using the default provided code from the roboflow deployments page. the value does not change when i move the object closer/further from the camera. it appears to function normally using the depthai examples.

  • Depth/inference
  • Linux/firefox
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