Roboflow not using the full available Dataset

Hello I’m new to Roboflow and encountered a problem I was wondering if anyone knows a fix to:


So I have a project with a dataset of 1805 images in total, all annotated, when I tried to make a new version of the project (if the image I attached loads), Roboflow seems to only allow me to use aaround 75% of the dataset, and I tried rebalancing the dataset but I cannot get the overall percentage of the train/val/test split to increase,

Under rebalance there was a text saying “you can update your datasets’ train/test split here”, but that text links to the to a blog explaining the train/val/test split: Train, Validation, Test Split and Why You Need It, instead of a way for me to increase to use all 100% of my data.

I was wondering if anyone else have encountered this before and can offer a solution

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