Roboflow Commercial Use Amount

I’m going to use Roboflow to train a model and use it commercially. At this time, there are various paid versions of Roboflow, so is this amount spent only on learning the model? Or is it something I have to spend monthly for the rest of my life using the model? And, if I use a paid version, is the information on my model private?

Thank you.

Hey @sonic

Due to the different licensing considerations of various models, the licensing can be a little complex, but you should refer to the Roboflow Licensing page which should help.

Here are some relevant parts:

  • For Roboflow hosted models:

Roboflow provides all users with a commercial license to use all models which are hosted by Roboflow, either in our app (like Segment Anything in our Annotation tool or CLIP in our semantic image search) or in our hosted APIs.

  • Self hosted models:

Users can self-host models on edge devices or their own cloud with our open-source Inference repository. The usage of the Roboflow backend platform depends on your Roboflow subscription.

Public plans do not come with a license to use the Roboflow inference platform commercially, and Starter plans can only deploy to one concurrent edge device or cloud instance by default. Starter plan customers who wish to deploy concurrently to multiple targets should reach out to for custom pricing.

Hi @sonic - thanks for posting! As a follow-up to @leo’s comments, you will need to be on a paid plan (Starter or Enterprise) to have a license to deploy your model commercially.

On the Starter plan, all of your data and models will be private only to you.

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