Real-Time Goal Detection and Video Generation for Live Online Football Matches: Feasibility and Implementation

Is it possible to implement real-time goal detection during a live online football match and automatically create videos of the goal moments? I’m looking for a solution to monitor matches and, as soon as a goal is scored, have a system identify the ‘GOAL’ moment and generate a video clip of that specific goal. Are there any existing technologies or software that can achieve this, and if so, what would be the recommended approach to implement such a system

Based on the information provided in the extracts, it is indeed possible to implement a system that can detect specific events, such as goals, during a live football match using computer vision technologies. Roboflow, for instance, provides a comprehensive platform for creating computer vision applications.

Here’s a high-level overview of how you might approach this:

  1. Data Collection and Annotation: You would need a dataset of labeled images or video frames that represent the ‘goal’ event in a football match. This could be a collection of images showing the ball in the net, players celebrating, etc. In one of the extracts, a user leveraged a pre-trained YOLOv5 model to perform automatic preliminary annotation of the images, which significantly reduced the manual work.

  2. Model Training: Once you have your annotated dataset, you can use it to train a custom computer vision model. This model will learn to recognize the ‘goal’ event based on the examples provided in the dataset. In the extract, the user trained a custom model to detect football players and was able to refine the data to improve the model’s performance.

  3. Real-Time Detection: After training your model, you can use it to analyze live video streams and detect ‘goal’ events in real-time. Roboflow supports live stream video data with an internet connection as mentioned in this extract.

  4. Video Clip Generation: Once a ‘goal’ event is detected, you can use video processing tools like FFmpeg (mentioned in this extract) to generate a video clip of the goal moment.

  5. Deployment: Finally, you would need to deploy your system so that it can analyze live football matches. Roboflow provides various deployment options, including a tfJS-based web camera deployment method that can be used live from any device with a browser as mentioned in this extract.

Please note that this is a high-level overview and the actual implementation would require a good understanding of computer vision and machine learning concepts, as well as proficiency in programming languages like Python. You might also need to handle challenges like class imbalance, as mentioned in this extract.

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This seems to be similar to what you’re suggesting!

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