Problems with coco annotations

I have been trying for about 6 hours to figure out _annotations.coco.json or any other file that will work for labeling images in bulk. There is no way to trouble shoot this. First nothing worked and then I rearranged the sections and now everything is a label but truncated. There is no good documentation to describe how to bulk label. There are no error messages when the file is incorrect and no way to validate what correct looks like.

In addition; there is no way to delete all of the classes if weird import does occur. It’s delete the project and start over.

I have about 59,000 images I want to run through the model or perhaps segment it.

There needs to be a better primer for annotations and some online tools for checking the files.

Hey @cbitterfield - sorry for your trouble here!

Do you mind walking me through the workflow you’d like to see, step-by-step? Are you trying to upload already-labeled images? How did you create those annotation files?