Object Detection Task Issue with Dividing the Images

I assigned task for my teammates and roboflow divided 9496 images to 6 people. 5 people has 1582 images assigned to them and one person has 1586. These images must be different from each other (adding to 9496) but now we realised that we all annotated the same 1582 images and the others are missing. How can we solve this problem?

Hi @aleynaciftci

I looked in your project and it appears that each person was assigned different images. It also appears that none of the images are missing and all 9496 images are accounted for. Could you elaborate on your issue so that I can help you better?

had an issue with the attachment again, you can find the drive link at the end


When I log into my account, it seems like there are 9496 images in total. But when I check what everyone has annotated, they are all the same pictures.

I took different small videos of deep divers and put them in one video. Then I uploaded that video with 60fps to Roboflow. I assigned them to 6 people. I talked to my team mates to confirm and they all say they annotated the first around-25-seconds of the video. Also to check, I uploaded 4 pictures and assigned them to 2 people and roboflowed divided those 4 pictures correctly. But later on I uploaded 5 seconds video (around 300 images) and assigned it to 2 people and I had the same issue again. It assigned the first 150 frames twice. So, maybe Roboflow has an issue with videos?

I attached the screenshots of the annotated images that 3 different labelers completed. You can see they are the same. I hope it helps.

Thank you for your time,

Aleyna Çiftci


Hi @aleynaciftci

I took a look at your six jobs but, while very similar, wasn’t able to find any frames/images that are the exact same. Could you share image IDs (https://app.roboflow.com/*workspace id*/*project id*/images/*imageid*) of the identical images that appear across the separate jobs?