Need a areal video of a urban area with GPS coordinate signed with that video

*Hello everyone I hope you’re doing well. I am a master’s student currently working on a research project focused on UAV vision localization for urban areas. As part of my project, I am in need of a dataset consisting of aerial video footage captured at approximately 100-150 meters height above a city, along with corresponding GPS coordinates.

I came across a dataset on GitHub (GitHub - roboflow/dji-aerial-georeferencing: Detect objects in drone videos and plot them on a map) that includes such data, but unfortunately, the video provided is too short for my research needs. Therefore, I am reaching out to the community in the hopes of finding a longer video dataset with accompanying GPS coordinates.

Ideally, the dataset would also include additional sensor data, such as the altitude of the UAV and its speed according to the compass. Having access to this supplementary data would greatly enhance the depth and accuracy of my analysis.

If anyone is aware of a dataset that fits these criteria or has the capability to provide such data, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Additionally, if there are any specific procedures or channels for accessing such datasets, please do let me know
this is my support key:f49pYZBlQ1g9KOGNiwsEhNPNCnp1*

  • Project Type: Vision base localization
  • Operating System & Browser:
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID:

Exciting to see you want to work on a similar project. There is an active drone community and they might be able to assist you! If you haven’t already, try posting in something like Reddit - Dive into anything or

have you such a dataset?

I do not have a specific dataset although we have many on Universe which may be helpful aerial image | Roboflow Universe Search

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