Model not predicting on OAK-D Lite

Hi, I am making model to detect circle like this one:
Everything work great even with webcam in Roboflow app, but when I run this on OAK-D Lite, there are no predictions (not showing on cv2 output as well), console output:

INFERENCE TIME IN MS  15.175145535523693
INFERENCE TIME IN MS  52.356809387092746
INFERENCE TIME IN MS  13.512620852515633
INFERENCE TIME IN MS  25.68701350399608

Why this happens, did I something wrong during training that OAK-D Lite just can’t do. I also tried to train it with both YoloV8 and YoloV5 and nothing has worked out for me. Thanks

Hi @MechaMind

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. This is similar to a known issue we recently resolved. Can you make sure you are on v0.0.12 or later?