'Maximum Version Size' or multiplier of augmented images when generating versions via API

python script:
ver = proj.generate_version(settings={
‘augmentation’: {‘saturation’: {‘percent’: 9}, ‘rgrayscale’: {‘percent’: 9}},
‘preprocessing’: {‘auto-orient’: True)

Is here any argument to change ‘Maximum Version Size’?

Hi @Byron_Yeh

Yes, there is! Under augmentation, there’s a property called image where you can set versions to any number you’d like. (Within the allowed limits of your plan, which if you are on the public plan would be 3)

It’d look something like this:

  "augmentation": {
    "image": { "versions": 3 }
  "preprocessing": {}

For future reference, we’ve updated the documentation with more details on the version generation options here, including the multiplier of augmented images for each original image.

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