Images are resized to 2048x2048 before tiling by default


Is there a way to keep the original image size after using tiling as a preprocessing step? I’m using 8192x5460 images and following preprossing steps:

I’m not using resize as preprocessing but looks like if images are default resized to 2048x2048 before tiling.

Many thanks, Alfred

The image size and dimensions when tiling are up to your X by X parameters.

For example, if I took an image and tiled it 2X2, it would likely result in a perfectly squared sized images, width and height equal, vs if I tiled it 2X1 or 6X2 which would make the image’s width greater in value than the height and rectangular.

Tiling without it resizing the image by default would lead to unequal tile sizes

I see. What it is the reason that maximum resize is 2048x2048? My goal is to keep the detailed resolution from the original image.

Hi Alfred, most images are constrained to 2048x2048 to ensure high quality of service for other users (doing image transformations on that many pixels can get quite slow, especially with some of the more advanced augmentations).

That said, the 2048x2048 limit should come into place after tiling which is one of the first things done.

I verified that this is the case by uploading a 4000x4000 image, applying a 5x5 tiling step, and observing that the output is 800x800 as expected (the resize step applies to the tiles, not the original image before tiling). Are you seeing different behavior on your end?

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Hi Brad, my original image is 8192x5460 so not a square. It looks like it first resizes it to a 2048x2048 before tiling. Maybe if I slice it first to 5460x5460 it will not resized to 2048x2048 ?

That shouldn’t matter; any chance you’d be willing to share this project with Roboflow support so I can have a closer look?

I think I found the problem. The resizing only happens after adding an augmentation. I only did tiling (14x20) and null filter resulting in the right tiles (409x390)