I fine tuned PaliGemma model by watching your video

I fine tuned PaliGemma model by watching your video. I fined tune in colab and stored the file in Google Drive now I want to use the ‘.npz’ file to check with images whether it is working or not. So how can I use it.

As I am using Roboflow’s Self-Hosted Inference on Local machine then it is giving error api key error for following code:
Install inference.

pip install inference

If you have an NVIDIA GPU that supports CUDA

pip install inference-gpu

Add your Roboflow API Key as an environment variable or in a .env file.

export ROBOFLOW_API_KEY="api key"

Use it in your python project.

import inference
model = inference.get_model("plans-hq5d7/1")

but I am using correct api key.

Is there any way to run it locally and does anyone has documentation please share. It would be very helpful.