How to use roboflow-hosted model to perform instant referencing of images from farm-based drone camera and linking results to mobile app- i2cIwxOm4DfS5OHZ1K91hP7uqaJ3

I trained and host my model on Roboflow. The model is detecting pests of maize. The idea is to feed instant images from farm-based drone unto the the roboflow model API to perform inferencing. The drone scans around the farm and take shots of images at regular interval and also take the gps. These images are sent to the roboflow-based model. If the inferences returns positive for any image, the positive results and gps location are sent to users (farmers) on mobile app. Similarly, it is planned that the farmer can send back command via the API to the drone to spray pesticide at the affected locations of the pests (using the gps data). So, with this, the farmers/users can work remotely on his farm by monitoring on app whether pests have infested the crops and can also send command to the drone to spray affected locations. kindly help to show how to implement this in roboflow.

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