How To Implement AR In App from Real Trading Cards

I know I’m in the wrong forum for my level of knowledge or even lack there of, but I hope you won’t give me the boot just yet.
I am an avid sports card collector and some years ago designed some Basketball Cards that I would like to have physically created in a minimal, yet collectible/valuable amount. These cards to me are completely different than anything in the market and what I’m wanting to do with them, I have yet to see be done as of yet.
These cards show amazing athletes doing amazing things on the basketball court. But what if it wasn’t just a picture on a card? What if you could add AR into the mix via smart phone and while viewing the card through the camera on your smart phone, you can see that move play out in what would seem like real time. It’s something I’ve been dreaming of for years but don’t have the coding or building knowledge to even know where to start with this idea.
So like I said, basically I’m lost and came across the blog and by the sound of what some of you all are doing I was assuming and hoping that someone would be able to shed some light on this dream of mine to create something special and different than the rest.

Thanks for taking the time to at least read this and hopefully someone will be interested in helping me.

Mitchell Baldwin
Owner - Static Sports LLC

We had a guest author on the blog who is doing work with AR and sports Using Computer Vision to Create AR Experiences

You could reach out to that company to see what might be possible with them.

I think that may have been what I read. Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate it.

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