How to deploy GroundingDINO to mobile?

Hey guys, I’m wondering if there is a way to use roboflow to deploy the GroundingDINO model to mobile applications? I know that roboflow can be used to deploy custom trained models. I’m wondering if it’s possible with GroundingDINO as well. Thanks in advance!

  • Project Type: Open-set object detection
  • Operating System & Browser: Linux

Hi @kenhuangsy

We do not currently have a way to directly deploy models like GroundingDINO to mobile through Roboflow.

We’ve found that those types of foundational models can be too large, slow, and complex for deploying into edge production environments, like mobile devices. This is why we’ve created Autodistill which supports GroundingDINO.

It allows you to train smaller, leaner, faster models using foundational models which you can then deploy to mobile.

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Ah, I see! Thanks @stellasphere !

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