How i get the data of the PR-graph and F1-score graph into a csv-File

I am trying to find the data from the YOLOv8 model to save a precision-recall diagram and an F1-score diagram in a CSV file. Where can I find the data for this, or can I get the data from the results.csv file?

Hey @DanyelR3199

I’m assuming you are referring to the results of a Roboflow Train job. If you are talking about a locally/notebook-trained model, please create an Issue at the respective GitHub repo for the model.

For a simple graph, the easiest way to get a precision and recall graph is by clicking “More Metrics” and look under the “Training Graphs” tab.

If you need raw data, you can use the Roboflow API:*workspace*/*project*/*version*

Look under version.models["roboflow-train"].epochs for an array of metrics at each epoch including precision and recall.