How do I create a website/app that can do demo computer vision/object detection?

Hello all,
I am a bit lost on where to start.

I have a few pre-trained model weights from object detection/segmentation of Yolo model.
I was wondering if I could somehow make a website/app/or something where other users can come and try out the model with their custom image. Like a demo project, I guess.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Choose a web framework: You can choose a web framework of your choice like Flask or Django, which are commonly used for building web applications with Python.
  2. Create a user interface: You can create a user interface that allows users to upload their custom image and displays the results from your Yolo model. You can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for this purpose.
  3. Integrate the Yolo model: You can integrate your pre-trained Yolo model into your web application. You can use a deep learning library like TensorFlow or PyTorch to load the model and make predictions.
  4. Deploy the application: Once you’ve created the web application, you can deploy it on a cloud service like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to make it accessible to users.

what if blog is in some other cms or framework. i mean it will work with a wordpress or netlify website?

If you train your model on Roboflow, there’s many ways you can demo and show off your model.

The simplest way for people to try out your model is to direct them to your respective Model page on Roboflow Universe:

There, people are free to test images from their devices, image URLs and on their webcam.

You can also use our example web app, which is also on the Model page. It has the full example code in a CodePen as well.

If you have more experience with JavaScript, you can use roboflow.js to create your own demos.