How can I deal with the polygon edge when I use SAM?

How can I deal with the polygon edge when I use SAM?

Hey there! This post and videos show how to interact with the polygon points if yo’d like to edit them: Launch: Polygon Annotation and Labeling

If you’re referring to the blue polygon on the road, you may want to try adjusting the layers to move it to the top layer so you can then select and delete it.

Thank you for the reply.
I can see that there is a gap between “ground” and “bus”. If I adjust the polygon manually, the accuracy is not very high and some pixels are labeled incorrectly. Do you have any recommendations for a better solution?"

Can you try switching these settings when you add the labels to see if that helps with bringing the boundaries closer together?

  • Simplify options: Simple (Convex Hull), Smooth and Complex (default setting)


When you load the same model on the SAM demo website, how do the labels turn out? I’m interested to know this for comparison, so we have this information to help with investigating potential optimizations.

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