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  1. Project type (Bounding Box)
    Can I get the model code which result has been generated.
    Yes please reply

If I understand correctly, are you wanting to learn how to add bounding boxes?

Code Snippets - Inference (Roboflow)

Code Example (Google Colab Notebook)

Video Walkthrough

what will be the model name.I am confused

You can find the model name in the Hosted Web App or the URL of your project. It is based on your project’s name.

can we have a meet today at 9pm ist

still the inference is not coming do we have to use the public API or the Private One

finally the results arrived.Thanx

Use the API for the workspace and project you are performing inference on. You will need your unique API key. Be sure not to sure it publicly with others, unless you want others to have the ability to interact programmatically with your workspace.

Obtaining Your Roboflow API Key

And glad it worked!

thanks I have successfully inferred results via code also

instead of a single picture can we infer results from a folder at a time ?

Yes, you would pass in the path to the directory and run inference on each image in the folder.

You will want to add sections in your code to save the results as each image is inferred on and/or successively log the results with a print statement.

How to do a k fold validation can you make a video on it