Garbage Can Pickup Detection Web App ReactJS

I customized object detection model to detect when my garbage can is picked up and made a web UI using React. You can demo it here RockyCoder the app is hosted on codesandbox. I used 300 images from 3 different sources. Not all garbage trucks are the same, and youtube has lots of garbage truck pickups I didnt want to infringe on using those though, but if they were used, it would greatly broaden the detection.

My live tests were fun, I implemented Twilio and got text when garbage was picked up. I put a variable detection rate, meaning when a truck is not detected the detection runs every 3 seconds, when a truck is detected it speeds up to half a second, when truck leaves back to 3 seconds, on the demo you can open console to see this.

I’m adding day of week selection and a time frame slider so that the detection runs during this time until garbage is picked up.


Sweet! I built something similar to check if my local tennis courts are available: How to Use Computer Vision and Twilio for Automated Alerts

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Hey Jacob, thanks for sharing your tennis court app, our courts here are always packed, this would be useful!

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