Full Dataset Not Downloading with "Isolate Objects" On

Had same issue as a previous post made on May 25, https://discuss.roboflow.com/t/urgent-full-dataset-not-downloading, did not see problem resolved there. I had the same error. I can only download a part of the full dataset.

See here that there are supposed to 530 train images. However when I click “export dataset”, no matter what model I select, only 96 train images are downloaded. And only 15 out of 74 validation images are downloaded, and none of test set can be downloaded.

When I click inside the images, on the train set I am unable to display more than 96 images when I repeatedly click “Load more”. I am unable to display more than 15 images on the valid set and no images can be displayed on the test set.

I suspect it’s because “isolate objects” failed to extract images from all the of data set.

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