Filter images with tag for export

In a project, I generated annotations automatically to have a first model. From these low quality annotated images, I curated a certain amount of them on which I added the tag “curated”. Now I want either to export the images with the tag or delete the ones without.

I exported the dataset to COCO format but the tag information is not present.

A solution I am thinking about is to add another tag (“not curated”) to the other images so I can select these images and delete them but I have around 3000 images from which 200 have the “curated” tag, it might take a bit too long.

A “reverse selection” function could really help, but in the meantime, is there another way to remove these images ?

You are able to use tags to filter images and then delete them! See here for more information: How to delete all of one label on images - #2 by Lenny

I do not see how the answer solves my problem. In my project I have only one class annotation for instance segmentation. Some of the images are tagged “curated” and I would like to use only them.
I can select the curated images, but I cannot select and remove all the other images, which is what I want to do.
I can select the curated images, but I cannot export only the curated images to create another dataset.

Hi Thsch,

Yes, the paths forward that you’ve outlined are the best options for getting to the end result you are seeking. I’ll let our team know about the request for a “no tag” filter option.

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to generate a dataset using specific Tags Filtering on tags - #4 by trevorhlynn

I believe this will help your use case. Please take a look in the pre-processing step and let me know what you think.