Exporting semantic segmentation masks

I’m getting a weird behavior when exporting semantic segmentation masks on my project. I expected that the layers on top would prevail over the bottom ones as labels in the exported mask images as indicated in the tutorial Semantic Segmentation for Labeling, Training, Deployment. However, I detected the opposite behavior.

When I set the yellow class at the bottom (just above the background layer), I get the left outcome. On the other hand, it is at the top, I get the right outcome.

Is it right? Or is it happening any missetting on my side or a bug?

  1. Project: Semantic Segmentation
  2. System: Ubuntu 20.04 / Google Chrome 107.0.5304.121

Thank you for reporting this! @slow

Can you copy/paste this report in our bug tracker so I can send it over to our product/engineering team?

Thank you for your attention @Mohamed, but it seems that nobody is answering the issues there.

Hi @slow - we transfer the bugs reported on the External Bug Tracker to our Internal Bug Tracker.

Afterward, I make an announcement or reply back to the person on the forum and/or email when the issue is fixed/resolved.