Exporting files not working for key-point detection

  • Project Type: Soccer Self-Practice Coach using Key-point detection
  • Operating System & Browser: MacOS Macintosh 14.0
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID: Sign in to Roboflow

I’m currently trying to create a pose tracker and was wondering why my model isn’t working due to exporting issues.
Video is here

I can confirm keypoint training is working. Are you able to try again or use another browser?

Here is the link to the project:

Tried On Safari + A different Google account they both didn’t work

Thanks, I exported the data and tried to train in my workspace, it’s stuck just like yours. Must be something within the dataset. I’ll try to troubleshoot on our side.

Did you label the images in Roboflow or did you bring in the annotations?

I labeled the images in Roboflow.

Great, thank you. I’ll talk to our engineering team and get back to you