Empty prediction with python

Translated to English by Roboflow:

Hello, I followed the different Roboflow python scripts but when predicting my images, I got no results. Here are my predictions in JSON format “{“predictions”: , “image”: {“width”: “5048”, “height”: “4228”}}”.

Title: Predicition vide avec python

Bonjour, j’ai suivi les différents scripts python de Roboflow mais lors de la prédiction de mes images, je n’ai aucun résultat. Voici mes predictions sous format JSON “{“predictions”: , “image”: {“width”: “5048”, “height”: “4228”}}”.

Hey there @Chrys_VANG

Could you share the scripts that you used or the models you ran? When there are no predictions output from a model, a common cause is that the confidence threshold is too high and predictions are being filtered.

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