Deploy to Luxonis OAK failed due to model not found (Dataset with ID ''does not exist or cannot be loaded due to missing permissions)

Hi there, we are currently working on a object detection project using Luxonis OAK camera. We trained our model using Google Colab.
We were also able to test our model successfully using roboflow platform deploy page (with hosted API) and using the provided python code from roboflow. Nevertheless, when we try to use the Luxonis OAK camera and following code

    rf = RoboflowOak(model="Schwimmen_Neu", confidence=0.05, overlap=0.5,
    version="1", api_key="XXXXXXXX", rgb=True,
    depth=True, device=None, blocking=True)

We always get the following API error:

{ ‘error’: { ‘message’: ‘Unsupported get request. Dataset with ID `Schwimmen_Neu` does not exisit or cannot be loaded due to missing permissions.’ , ‘type’: ‘GrapMethodException’, ‘hint’: ‘You can find the API docs at….’} }

Please note we verified the used credentials with the provided python code by roboflow plattform.
Does somebody have an idea how to resolve this issue?