Colab errors during training and in get_num_classes


I am training a custom dataset in Colab. I noticed that my tf version is 2.8.0 and my Python version is 3.7.12. Does anyone know if those are still compatible, or do I need to force a downgrade?

I was training my custom dataset in Colab following along with notebook at Google Colab as a guide. When I started training, I received an error message: “tensorflow.python.framework.errors_impl.NotFoundError: /content/lego-1/train/cells_label_map.pbtxt; No such file or directory”. This looks similar to the below error that I hardcoded my way through. I think I missed a step in providing an English label to the number which represents a class. Where is that step? (I imported all of my annotations because I had previously done that on my computer.)

When I tried running the cell with get_num_classes function it was giving me an error stating that it could not find a file “/content/lego-1/train/cells_label_map.pbtxt”. After first using the access code for Colab, I downloaded the zip of the model. I don’t see a cells_label_map.pbtxt, but I do see my lego_label_map.pbtxt files. However, those files only use numbers for my class names. I got a message about missing class names, but I do not know how to add them into the project.

I got through that problem by hardcoding the number of classes to 3, which is what I am using. Does anybody know a proper way to fix this?