Cant scroll into layers sidebar

I cant scroll into the layers sidebar menu. Im using windows 10, and ive already tested it on microsoft edge and google chrome(V 113.0.5672.64) (64 bits)


@MitiMood just to confirm, you’re saying there are more layers underneath MOUTH, and you’re unable to scroll down to see them?

as a note - I’ve also filed this as a bug in our internal tracker, so we can look into it for a fix

I have this same issue, is there a fix available yet? Zooming out kinda works if there are only a few extra layers, but I’m working with 100+
the scroll bar is available in the classes window, just not in the layers window.

@Mohamed exactly. Im still having the same issue

@Mohamed could this get more priority?

Hey everyone, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We should have that fixed very soon.

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Hey all, I just pushed a fix for this! If you don’t see it yet, do a hard refresh of your page & it should come through

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Thank you very much, this is a huge help

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