Bounding Boxes within Bounding Boxes

Hello all,

During the past few days while trying to run a training with Yolov5 I encountered a “CUDA error: device-side assert”. While doing some debugging I see to have narrowed the problem down to the Intersection Over Union (IoU) part of the training script. Upon careful reviewing of the dataset and the annotations I noticed that in some cases there where different objects in front of other larger objects resulting in a Bounding Box within another Bounding box.

I wanted to ask if someone has had the “CUDA error: device-side assert” before and what happens in the training script when a bounding box is present within another bounding box.

Thanks a lot for the support :slight_smile:


Hi Luis,

When generating the version of the dataset you trained, what preprocessing and augmentation steps did you add?

Also, can you include a photo example of the “bounding box within another bounding box?”