Autodistill: Train YOLOv8 with ZERO Annotations

I’m trying to create a distilled model of SAM Google Colab

I’m able to label the data and train, but the predict doesn’t find anything

Please help

The purpose is to find bounded area in a document

SAM can do it well but it’s heavy and slow, therefore I’m trying to create a Autodistill YOLOv8 that will find the bounded area in a document

I’m not sure that YOLOv8, because the concept of document is foreign to YOLOv8, is there a better way to create a SAM distilled model?

@Elia_Wise did you try the Autodistill workflow? And were there any issues?

Asking because we do have a blog post that helps to evaluate prompts for use with Autodistill:


This will help you to get a better idea of what the best prompt will be for labelling the document and/or parts of the document you are looking to identify and classify with the model.

I tried the Table Extraction PDF Object Detection Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by Mohamed Traore
The precision is OK, but I was not able to get any data about the cell structure
Is it the original model from the article?