Assessing the color intensity on segments in BW images

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Hi, I am entirely new to Roboflow and hope to find out if an approach could actually work with the App.

Here’s the idea of my approach in brief:
I would like to segment fragments of corals and a separate color field (used as a scale for normalization) on a BW picture. The BW picture will have a one-color background. I would then like to average the pixel intensity of the segmented coral fragment and and the color field and save the both values to a table. In similar research projects, the pixel intensity estimation is done using Fiji. Due to the large number of images I need to process, I was hoping to use Roboflow’s object recognition capacity and automate the entire process.

Maybe someone could provide advise or link me to an existing project.
Thanks for your answers in Advance.

Cheers, Holger

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Hello Holger,

Based on the information provided in the extracts, Roboflow can indeed be used for object detection and segmentation tasks. However, the specific task of segmenting fragments of corals and a separate color field on a BW picture, then averaging the pixel intensity of the segmented coral fragment and the color field, and saving both values to a table is not explicitly mentioned in the extracts.

Roboflow does provide tools for collecting and annotating images, as well as creating a dataset for training a neural network, as mentioned in the YouTube video tutorial extract. This could potentially be used to train a model to recognize and segment the coral fragments and color field in your images.

However, the task of averaging pixel intensity and saving the values to a table might require additional processing outside of Roboflow. It’s also important to note that the quality and size of your images can impact the performance of the model, as mentioned in the blog post about labeling with SAM.

For more specific guidance on your project, I recommend checking out the official Roboflow documentation or reaching out to their support team. They might be able to provide more detailed advice or point you to similar projects that have been done using Roboflow.

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