Add OCR to object detection


I followed the tutorial on my custom trains dataset (Sign in to Roboflow). My task is to create a model to detect trains number plates and deploy it on a mobile application. I am currently stuck with adding OCR to my object detection model, so my mobile app application only recognizes the number plate itself. Could you please help me with that? I am new at machine learning and even coding, and it would be great.

Hi @Alina_Andreeva

An object detection model learns to detect specific objects that you “teach” it to when you give it annotations via training data.

It sounds like you trained your model to detect the license plate itself. Running OCR on it would be a different process.

On the Roboflow forums, we only have the capacity to provide support for our product, but license plate detection is a very common use case and there are many resources online, including several of our blogs (like this one) which walk you through the steps required.

Hope this helps