About Badges

I am getting into badge collecting, however some of the badges seem unobtainable.

I found the badges here: Roboflow

The following badges I believe are unobtainable

  • The First Flag badge might not be working as intended because I flagged a post and didn’t get the badge. First Flag badge on Roboflow
    EDIT: I think it may need to be verified by a moderator
  • The Wiki Editor is unobtainable because (to the best of my knowledge) there is no Wiki. Wiki Editor badge on Roboflow
    *Certified and Licensed, I can’t find the way to actually obtain those badges, although I saw 4 people got the Certified, any idea how I can get those two? Certified badge on Roboflow

EDIT: I found out how to get the certified and licensed badges, however they’re not easy to find until you hit member on the forum. I also got access to obtaining the promoted campaigner and champion badges, those you must have the member status to obtain.