3rd Party API keys error

Has anyone been able to add their openai api key and it save in the backend ?

I am a paid customer and reached out to roboflow and was pushed to the forum twice, once by the Co-founder Joshua, instead of resolving the issue I was thrown to the forum

I am running chrome on Mac and pc - I add the sK- xxx api key along with my AWS creds and click save - no pop up

I come out of the settings window and try to use GPT-4 and get the “add your details”

Cleared cache, tried multiple systems and it won’t keep the API key

Anyone been able to make it work ?

Hi Craig, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue. We can replicate this bug. I’ve alerted our engineering team and we’ll work towards a resolution.

Main reason I reached out to support :rofl:

We appreciate it! The forum is our preferred destination for Starter Plan support questions.

As you can tell, we monitor it actively :slight_smile: