Problem with rotated bounding boxes

Hey guys,

i have created a object detection dataset in CVAT. I labeled 7500 images in 30 task (each 250 images). I rotated a lot of bounding boxes. When i import my dataset into roboflow for preprocessing the rotations of my bounding boxes are not saved with COCO and PASCAL VOC. To solve this i tried the CVAT format (image and video) but than roboflow doesnt show any bounding boxes on my images (0 annotations). How can i solve this?

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Hi @timosie, can you provide an example of your CVAT annotation files, and some of the example images uploaded, in an email to

Please include the link to your project, and a Google Drive or Dropbox folder link including the files for the annotations and at minimum a subset of the associated images.

It will also be helpful to include a 2-3 sentences on the background of the issue in the email, and the link to this forum post.