Images' mask are in original size after pre-processing when the project is exported as segmentation masks

  1. Project type (Semantic Segmentation)
  2. The operating system & browser you are using and their versions
  3. OS: Windows, browser: Chrome. Export format: Segmentation mask
  4. I set preprocessing as 512x384 but when I download the images, a few images and their masks are still in its original size.
    Version link: nam-ly/stromatolites-onboard-detector-224-labels
    Example: Picture 4 in the testing set.
    Raw data:

Post-processing on Roboflow:

Downloaded image:

Hi @phuongnamly - can you repost the information from this bug report to this page and include example files from your export? The _classes.csv file, annotation file(s), and example images and masks that exported without errors along with images and masks that exported with errors.

Thank you!