Coco json file showing 2 categories

I specified a single class for my annotation but once I pass the the dataset into detectron2. it shows 2 categories.
what could be the problem as I have tried everything and this is affecting my evaluation because is showing zero output in all metrics

Hi @Samuel_Odunayo

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Are you trying to train a model?

I’d like to debug this issue, so if you are working with a specific package or one of our notebooks, if you could share that, that would help a lot.

@stellasphere Yes, training with detectron2 model and I am working with a custom dataset though annotated was done on Roboflow.

@stellasphere, may I know if you mean I should share my code?
Kindly clarify. Cheers

Hi @Samuel_Odunayo

I was able to replicate the fact that the number of classes was two on a dataset with one class, but it did not affect any of the training results. The number of classes detected in your dataset may be unrelated to the problems you are experiencing.

Could you share the results you are getting, along with the dataset you are using?

@stellasphere thanks. I have used another annotation tool to edit and remove the unwanted class.